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We have jump started our new and improved Mentoring program for 2020. We have a collaborative network of nurses and healthcare professionals aligned to support clinical preparation, transition , and persistence to degree completion. Our program is designed to be a safe place for students and new nurses to be vulnerable and work through the challenges that arise as a novice nurse. 

Who can join?

  • Student Nurses and New Grads (LPN/LVN & RN)

  • Those that are ready and willing to do the work to grow in Nursing


What does the mentoring program include?

  • Personal Mentor

  • Private Group Chat

  • Group Discussions

  • Study Material/Tutoring/Recommendations

  • Guest Speakers/Presentations

  • Group Events

  • Scholarship Opportunities—for Louisiana residents only

What you will gain?

  • Professional Development/Leadership Development

  • Career Direction and Skills Development

  • Guidance to Overcome First-Year Challenges

  • Increase confidence in your abilities to be a strong nurse

  • Recognize your value, worth, and your Nurse Power

  • Transition into new roles – Switching specialties, received a promotion, travel nursing, etc.

Check out the form below to apply!

Join our Mentoring Program

To apply, please take the time to fill out the form below. Someone will reach out to you once you have submitted the following information regarding your application status. 

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Fabuleux Nurse Mentor Duties:


•Providing Guidance: By giving insight and advice to help new nurses avoid mistakes and find success.


•Problem Solving: If a student is struggling with a specific nursing task or are having difficulty balancing work, life, and school, we’re here to help them find a way through the challenges they may be facing.


•Emotional Support: Sometimes, all you need is someone to listen. We will be there for students, as well as, new nurses when they are feeling overwhelmed or confused.


•Helping Build Confidence: Positive affirmations can help them recognize their own talents and can validate that their progress is right on track, despite any struggles they have faced.


•Career Guidance: Because we, as skilled nurses, will know more about the nursing field, we will be able to help them steer their nursing career in the direction that will leave them feeling fulfilled. In addition to career advice, we can also serve as great sources for networking, connecting mentees with other healthcare professionals and helping them find employment opportunities.



We are currently seeking Nurse Mentors that are looking for an opportunity to inspire and guide the next generation! 


If you do not have the time to devote to a mentee, please consider that before emailing. Thank you in advance! We look forward to you joining the Fabuleux Nurse Crew!