We have jump started our new and improved Mentoring program for 2020. We have a collaborative network of nurses and healthcare professionals aligned to support clinical preparation, transition , and persistence to degree completion. Our program is designed to allow nursing students to network with other students, as well as, nurses from many specialties through group chats and events. Students who engage in our program will focus on clinical preparedness, ways to sustain a healthy school:life balance, and how to maintain academic success while in clinical. Through our program, each student will be matched with a mentor with similar interest or one who is in the specialty area the student is interested in, that will help guide them through their nursing journey. Mentoring is more than orientation or preceptor-ship, which may last a few weeks or months. This is an ongoing relationship that will last as long as the mentor and mentee find value in it. We are hoping to help students, who may not have a strong support system or anyone to lean on when times get tough, have a better experience. Our mentees also serve as Student Nurse Ambassadors for Fabuleux Nurses on their campus, as well as, on social media to help spread the word regarding our scholarship and mentoring program. All ambassadors are eligible to apply for our scholarship as long as they are currently in clinical courses. We are also seeking Mentors as well that are looking for an opportunity to inspire and guide the next generation! Check out the forms below!

Become a Student Nurse Ambassador

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